Hello there. So you’ve stum­bled upon my little neck of the web. Fancy meeting me here! Please make your­self at home — we have a lot to talk about, think about, laugh about.

This website, to borrow and butcher a phrase, is dedi­cated to the propo­si­tion that there are worse ways to spend a life than the pursuit of knowl­edge, the appli­ca­tion of kind­ness and the recog­ni­tion of reality. It is my hope that these scrib­blings will be a cele­bra­tion of our humanity and that they may, perhaps, contribute a verse to our joint explo­ration of life, the universe and every­thing.

Does that sound like a good place to start? Then by all means…

Let’s find out where it leads us.

• • •

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Father, son, husband, friend and writer by day; asleep by night. Happily pondering the immortality of the crab wherever words are shared.

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