The Dance and the Flame A poem

The Dance and the Flame

  Night and day, these coeval foe-friends,
meet as equals again: a balanced promise
of fire and light and life.
Ritual is a kind knowl­edge this hour,
forbid­ding the cruelty of igno­rance,
suspending the certainty of reversal
when day and night are leveled again.
It is the cyclical pavane of the orbs,
agnostic in its metic­u­lous preci­sion,
begging to be punc­tu­ated in hope and love
and gentle remem­brance.
The ancient obser­vance invites us to see
that we are the stuff of stars and more:
the cosmic dust knowing itself.

• • •

Image credit: Pran Thiramethanon (adapted from source)

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