Intermission Time A poem

Intermission Time

  The curtain draws, awaiting reopening.
A hum, a buzz—it’s a quieting, a breath perhaps
drawn in antic­i­pa­tion; or was it satis­fac­tion?
The story hiber­nates, its metab­o­lism
medi­tating out of time and out of self—
an inti­ma­tion of some crepus­cular
farewell, some neces­sary reso­lu­tion.
But wait! There are yet spoils to be reaped,
reck­on­ings to be paid, ques­tions to be left
unan­swered; but by whom? At the end,
no one inherits the right to be disin­ter­ested.
A bell, a shuffle—it’s a rising, a call perhaps
to be thankful in disbe­lief; or was it igno­rance?
And so the drapes stir again, awaiting denoue­ment.

• • •

Image credit: Robert Jahns (adapted from source)

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