Love Is None of These A poem

Love Is None of These

  Love is not a verb—or a noun.
An article, perhaps? Alluring thought!
But no. Nor a pronoun, nor an adjec­tive.
Love is not a word.
Is it an excla­ma­tion mark, a semi­colon?
No, these will not do! Nor will a dash,
a quote, a hyphen or an inter­robang.
Love is not punc­tu­a­tion.
Is love an amper­sand? Tempting, but no.
It is not an asterisk or a bullet;
it denotes neither number nor currency.
Love is not a symbol.
Love is none of these.
It is we ourselves who are the inter­jec­tions,
the ques­tion marks and the back­slashes.
Aswim in the broth of mind—but for love.
For love is grammar, the syntax of the heart.
It binds and orders, creating and destroying
such discov­ered dreams of ourselves
as we dare to admit into the light.

• • •

Image credit: roegger (adapted from source)

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