You may have noticed that the Imaginary Quotations’ attrib­uted authors are not only imag­i­nary. Some names (like Edward Inborough and Bernard de Roibaux) are simply made up, but many of them are a play on words. There have been sounda­likes like Freia Mynde (“free your mind”), anagrams like Ethan Dirges (“near­sighted”), and other puns.

Go back and have a look through the catalog to see which ones you can discover. True confes­sion: for the longest time, I didn’t write down the solutions——and now I’ve forgotten many of the word­plays myself… Boo.

Going forward

To simplify things, starting from last week’s quote, all the author names will be anagrams. And the solu­tion will always be revealed one week later.

So as you enjoy your weekly dose of the world’s imag­i­nary wisdom, try and crack the quotee code as well!


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