The About Page

Hello there!

In case you’re new to this collec­tion of scrib­blings, let me intro­duce myself. I’m Harman Hoetink, this website’s human in resi­dence. I live near Amsterdam with my beau­tiful wife, two rather tall teenage sons and a happily off-kilter choco­late Lab.

By day, I’m a copy­writer, trans­lator and copy editor; by night, I like to get some sleep. In between, I happily divide my time between writing, reading, cooking, walking the dog and gener­ally pondering the State of the Universe. Preferably together with friends over a nice meal, or just a cup of tea.

Oh, and I am also the founder of the International Association of Dutch-Dominican Color-blind Sesquipulmonalists. Current member­ship count: one. (Note to self: at some point I need to write some­thing to explain what this actu­ally means.)

Bill of Fare

On this site, you’ll find an eclectic serving of food for thought. Some of it is serious, some of it is fanciful; some­times the main ingre­dient is contem­pla­tion, some­times imag­i­na­tion.

There are musings on the human condi­tion, with topics ranging from philos­ophy and science to culture and history, from art and psychology to parenting and skep­ti­cism.

Also, there is poetry and fiction here, because even imper­fect stories matter. Between adoles­cence and middle age, I took a long break from telling stories. Now I am making good on a promise I made myself long ago.

I hope you’ll enjoy the scrib­blings you find here.

In general, this website is my invi­ta­tion to you to join me in trying to say some­thing sensible about what is means to be a human being, how to discover and under­stand the world we inhabit, and how to find our way through life.

• • •

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